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Potential membrane remodelling by Mgm1




Mitochondrial genome maintenance protein 1 (Mgm1) is thought to create filaments preferring a left-handed helix and positive curvature. In this geometry, a dynamin-like power stroke would lead to an expansion of the filament, and thus, an expansion of the membrane tube. However, Mgm1 may create other filament geometries and bind a membrane surface with negative curvature.
The animation introduces the domain structure, dimerisation and tetramerisation. It shows models all four possibilities for right-handed and left-handed helical filament formation and both for membranes with positive and negative curvature. The identical power stroke then either would lead to constriction or expansion of the membrane tube.

This was a project for and with: Katja Faelber, Jeffrey Noel and Oliver Daumke - Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine (MDC), Berlin. An extract of this animation was published as supplementary video in Faelber et al. Nature, 571:429-433 (2019).

status: 2019





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