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As a scientist, you communicate your work all the time with communication partners ranging from highly specialised peers to the general public. The occasion may be an individual discussion, a presentation or a peer-reviewed publication. The more complex the topic the more important the quality of the visualisation becomes, especially when looking at molecular detail. RNS Berlin takes your data, and where necessary other available data, and transforms it into the molecular story with the appropriate levels of detail for your communication purpose, giving you the tools at hand to bring your point across to the chosen target audience.

The production of a scientific animation that goes beyond rotating a simple protein representation can be highly customised, complex and time-consuming. A professional concept and look that adequately reflects the high standard of your research does require specialised skills and professional software with steep learning curves, and it is hard to maintain this in a group on the side of the day-to-day research.

RNS Berlin does not only bring those qualities to the table but also possesses the mind of a scientist who understands what you are actually talking about. Interested? Then get in touch with your project now!